Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary, Barbados

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary, Barbados

Help us to help them! These animals have the power to change lives. With your support, we can be there for them. Whether you want to fundraise, volunteer, foster or donate – YOU can make a difference!

Rescuing and re-homing abused and abandoned dogs and cats in Barbados.

In December 2019, Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary took over an existing animal charity who could no longer operate. We started with the responsibility of 45 dogs and 69 cats (the amount is increasing weekly). We stepped in to save the animals; providing food, veterinary care and ongoing maintenance. With limited resources and space, we urgently need to find homes for these animals and urgently need donations, foster homes and volunteers to help us. Read About Us…


Every dog counts! Our MJet Ruffugee ’23 flight to Canada is a journey of hope, and we need YOUR help to make it a reality. Shelters are at capacity, but the plane can carry more if we secure short-term fosters before the flight. Fostering not only fills the plane but also prepares dogs for their forever homes.

Join us in being the wind beneath their paws by sponsoring a dog onboard the flight to their new home. BBDS$350, you cover certificates, vaccinations, medications, and ground transportation for an adorable Bajan dog on the MJet Ruffugee Flight ’23. Go to our donate page to make tails wag! PS: Barbados TAMIS holders, your donation is tax deductible. Let’s make this journey of love happen together.

adopt a dog, Barbados animal rescue

Adopt a Dog

Loving rescue dogs in need of a forever home. All ages, sizes – all types. With so many unwanted dogs in Barbados. Adopt – DON’T SHOP!

adopt a puppy barbados

Adopt a Puppy

We have lots of puppies to choose from – super cute, fun and playful. Click for more info. or contact us to arrange a visit.

adopt a kitten Barbados

Adopt a Kitten or Adult Cat

We are currently working on improving our facilities to accommodate new cats and kittens. For now we have a small selection for adoption.

Karen Whittaker, Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary

About Us and What We Do

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary: our mission, goals and objectives. Rescue, rehabilitate, rehome, spay/neuter – EDUCATE!

Ocean Acres Membership

Ocean Acres Membership

Become an official member of Ocean Acres, donate a monthly fee and help us continue rescuing dogs and cats in need. Please support us.

Barbados to Canada travel buddy program

Travel Buddies Wanted – Canada

Flying from Barbados to Canada, travel buddy an Ocean Acres dog(s) to find their forever home. It costs you NOTHING and we organise everything for you.

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Support Us

We are a 2020 new Non-Profit Organisation – we need urgent assistance: PLEASE – Adopt, Donate, Fundraise, Volunteer, Foster.

Barbados Spay and Neuter Project

The Spay/Neuter Project

Please join with us to eradicate the problem of unwanted, stray cats and dogs. Barbados urgently needs this campaign and your support.

volunteers wanted Ocean Acres Barbados

Volunteers Wanted

Have spare-time and want to help – volunteer at Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary: from dog walking, cat play-time to building and maintenance.

Valentines Promo

Throw a Valentines party at your home, favorite restaurant or bar, the beach, the movies… anywhere you want!

animal welfare, Barbados

Community Outreach Program

Helping people live with and understand their animals better by providing food, medication, vet care, training, support and advice.

OAYG Ocean Acres Youth Group

Ocean Acres Youth Group

Join The OAYG. A kids club to promote and encourage a kind and caring mentality towards all living creatures and the world around us. 

“ Watching the love and light return to the eyes of the animals we rescue is the greatest reward. We want more and more people to feel that connection and be inspired by it. That is what Ocean Acres is all about.”

Barbados and its people need Ocean Acres just as much as the dogs and cats do. The number of stray dogs and feral cats is endemic, and it’s a societal issue. We aim to shed light on the darker aspects of the country’s culture and lead by example.

Ocean Acres is more than just a dog and cat shelter. When people come to visit, they never want to leave. Everyone stays longer than they intend to. Everyone says it has a special magic. Ocean Acres has already changed lives. It will continue to. We will work tirelessly to bring love and compassion, care and kindness into everything we do. We will always try just a little bit more to save a life. We will empathise and share. We will make everything around us as beautiful as it can be and we will make a difference, by being the difference. And we will always do everything we can to spread this far and wide into the community.