2022 MJET Freedom Flight

The Freedom Flight Crisis Appeal
2022 MJET Freedom Flight, Ocean Acres Barbados

We did it AGAIN! 20th February 2022: we successfully achieved our second rescue charter, the ‘MJET RUFFugee Freedom Flight’. 187 lucky dogs flew from Barbados to Canada destined for a new life, loving arms, and safe homes.

Why We Do It

It’s a necessity, we wish we could find homes for the dogs of Barbados, but it’s not possible. There is no hope for them here. Our beautiful island is saturated with unwanted and unloved dogs. While we are greatly focused on our spay/neuter campaign and are making positive progress, that does not save the lives of those dogs already here. There is nowhere for them to go. We have tried (and will never stop trying) but reality must be faced.

Our Canadian Partners

We are so fortunate that our Canadian friends open their hearts to welcome our dogs. The Ocean Acres team works for weeks with a dedicated network of registered Canadian rescue partners. Every dog has a guaranteed foster home before they board the plane. NO DOGS GO INTO SHELTERS – EVER! We are indebted to Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue and all our Canadian rescue partners for the foster homes they provide and the hours they spend finding the perfect forever homes for each and every single dog.

Canada Dog Adoption Program

On arrival, dogs spend several weeks with their foster, to decompress post flight, before they are available for adoption. All adopters pass a rigorous interview process and sign contracts detailing mandated lifetime care parameters for the dog. Adoption fees charged for the dogs go towards costs incurred by the rescue organisations in Canada in supporting the fosters. Once landed, each dog can cost the rescue group anything from CAD$500-$3000+, depending on veterinary issues and conditions that may arise. Read more about our Canadian Dog Adoption Program.


Our Barbadian Sponsor

None of this would have been possible without our amazing Barbados sponsor, M-Jet FBO – we are so grateful to Mark Maloney and his team for their tireless support of Ocean Acres and Barbados dogs – thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our Supporters

A huge thank you to the Ocean Acres extended family in Barbados. Our brilliant staff, volunteers, fosters and supporters that make these flights happen and make a difference here every single day. There are so many of you it’s impossible to list you all. You know who you are, thank you so much for everything that you do.

2021 Freedom Flight

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary was founded in January 2020. Within five months from startup, and as the Covid Pandemic hit, we proudly accomplished our first Freedom Flight, flying 218 rescue dogs and 14 cats to Canada. It was a brilliant success. Check out this link for full info, pictures and videos: 2021 Barbados Ruffugee Project.

How Are They Doing?

Rescued from sad lonely lives, starving, frightened, suffering! Most tied/chained or confined to a tiny box – no love, kindness or attention their whole desperate existence – to now living the dream in Canada with compassionate kindhearted people who adore and cherish them. To follow their progress, check-out and check-back on the link below.

Barbados to Canada travel buddy program

Air Canada Travel Buddies Wanted

It costs you absolutely nothing – the dog/dogs are added to your ticket FREE OF CHARGE! It’s a simple process and it helps so much. It’s fast and efficient both ways (the meet and drop). We provide all the carriers and paperwork. You don’t need to worry about the logistics; we’ll do everything for you. You only need to turn up at the airport and drop-off the other end.

Help Us, Help Them!

It’s our heartfelt mission to find loving homes for Bajan dogs, those with no hope and no options. We take in and support as many as we possibly can. Flying dogs to Canada enables us to help more dogs in need, although and sadly, within a few weeks we are full again. Sending dogs overseas is damage control.

The Answer Is:

Support Ocean Acres, help Barbados dogs and cats. Everyone can play a part. Contact us to find out how YOU can help.