Who We Are

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary is Non-Profit organisation helping sick, injured, abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in Barbados. These animals have so much to give, and ask for so little. Running a proactive adoption program, education program and spay and neuter initiatives, we believe is the best approach to improving the welfare of dogs and cats in Barbados. We work tirelessly to rehabilitate animals from traumatised backgrounds, and to heal the wounded. Our care and support is ongoing for the animals and for the people who welcome them into their lives. We educate and assist so that the special bond between humans and animals can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Our History

A previous animal charity called The Hope Sanctuary could no longer operate due to the founder’s poor health. They could not provide for the animals in their care. On the 1st of January 2020, Ocean Acres took over the full responsibility of the sanctuary. This was left in an extreme dilapidated condition and we’ve been working tirelessly to improve this. At the time of take-over, there were 69 cats and 45 dogs. Our figures change daily as we rescue and re-home, we shelter in the region of 400+ animals: an average of 250 cats and 150 dogs (and tortoises too).

The Founder

Karen Whittaker is Ocean Acres Founder and CEO, originally from the UK and living in Barbados since 2003. Karen has a background in horses and has personally rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed many animals. It’s always been Karen’s ambition to help animals on a greater scale. Forming Ocean Acres is her ultimate accomplishment. An avid animal lover and enthusiast, she’s 100% dedicated to the care and welfare of animals in need.

Our Team

We are so very proud of our amazing team and feel lucky they’re part of The Ocean Acres Family. Dedicated, hardworking, loyal and committed sanctuary carers with a genuine love and compassion for animals. Then there’s our wonderful volunteers, foster carers, fundraisers and those who donate. All involved, everyone who helps and supports us, we couldn’t do what we do without you.

The Sanctuary

Ocean Acres is located in Newcastle in the Parish of St. John on the beautiful and rugged East Coast of Barbados. We’re set on 4.5 acres of lush land, a tropical paradise setting of rolling hills and greenery with a breathtaking sea view. The sanctuary consists of a small staff work-area, 33 kennels, 2 isolation blocks (one of which is a new 8 kennel puppy block recently built in September), 3 exercise paddocks, a 5400 square foot open-plan cattery, a baby tortoise housing-area and a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom main house with a separate one bedroom, one bathroom apartment below. This was left in a non-functional, non-sanitary condition, both internally and externally. We’ve since converted the ground floor into a holiday rental apartment and we’re fundraising to renovate the top floor for staff use and meetings. We’re continually working to expand and further improve the facilities, we’ve come a long way since January 2020. Ocean Acres has a truly captivating quality, it really is a magical place to be. You must see for yourself!

The Future

Ocean Acres is an Eco-Friendly organisation, proactively promoting and educating on a healthier environment, the importance of animal care and welfare and we strongly advocate spay and neuter. Our vision is that every cat and dog will live in a loving home where they are treated with the kindness, care and respect they deserve. We have paramount goals and objectives to create a brighter, happier, healthier future for the animals and people of Barbados. If you’d like to be part of our amazing journey, please contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.