• Date Adopted: October 28, 2021
More About Amber

Hallelujah!  Amber is safe.  This is what gratitude looks like.
We are so thrilled for Amber and her pups (Jasper and Opal). We had been watching them for weeks. The mum was so scared. The community had been throwing stones at her for years.  It was so beautiful to see how quickly she changed and trusted us. Her first tail wagg was worthy of a celebration.
It’s so moving to see the light come back to their eyes when you show a little compassion.  It’s exhausting living like that. Now they all can rest. They are all safe and loved. They will never be hurt by humans again.
A happy story for mum Amber.  When her puppy Jasper went to Canada he was upset without his mum – so we flew her to him.  Now mum and baby are so happy. #reunited. We will do everything in our power to keep our dogs happy and safe. That’s just what we do!