• Date Adopted: March 21, 2024
More About Astro

Astro came to us a s a very nervous young pup in May 2022. He was a very sad little fella.  He has come on hugely and is certainly not sad anymore.  For quite some time, it was difficult to catch him, he was frightened of humans.  However, even though he was really scared, he never ever showed any tendency to snap or bite.  He still associates himself mainly with dogs, and prefers the people he’s come to know and trust to approach him.  Once he trusts you he is yours!  And, even in the early days, once leashed, he would go out for a walk and behave well.  It’s just the initial introduction.  We really think that in the right home he would thrive. With consistency and routine he would gain confidence. Astro knows the routine of Ocean Acres and he’s very happy with us, but to move onto his next step, he needs a human family.  A calm and experienced home without boisterous children would suit him.  He is definitely a flight risk as once loose, you would not catch him, especially if he was scared or spooked.  We would love to see Astro move on and fulfill his potential.  He is a strikingly beautiful boy with a very loving heart, that needs to learn it’s safe to trust.

Astro is approximately 40bs. Astro has gone to Canada to a forever home.