• Date Adopted: June 2, 2023
More About Azima

Say hello to Azima. This sweet girl deserves a fresh start. Azima was living in a home, however her previous owner had a breakdown of some sort and was taken and admitted to a mental hospital. Poor Azima was left skinny, with a broken leg and young puppies. Fortunately, a neighbour called and alerted us to her situation, and we immediately went to get her and her 3 pups (Amelia, Amir and Amos) and bring them to a fresh start at Ocean Acres. Everyone was tired, scared and very skinny, however with time all have gotten confident and happy. Azima is learning that her struggle is over and she can relax and be the sweet loving girl she is. Azima loves people, she can’t get enough attention.

Azima is now living in Canada.