Barbados Ruffugee Project

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Barbados Ruffugge Project, Ocean Acres

The Ruffugee Project is the biggest ‘freedom flight’ out of Barbados and into Canada for 200 dogs, in partnership with Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue (EOPR).

Our Bajan dogs have no hope, there is nowhere for them to go. Since the Covid19 pandemic, so many people have lost their livelihoods that an inordinate amount of dogs (and cats) have been abandoned, starved or worse. The lucky ones are the ones whose owners call us, the unlucky ones are left to fend for themselves or die alone and in misery. Ocean Acres is beyond full, well over capacity. The other shelters in Barbados are the same, overflowing. There are no homes for these dogs, yet more and more still need our help.

We have approved and loving homes waiting for them all in Canada, we just have to get them there. And that means we can help 200 more! There are too many dogs without homes. Let’s do this for them.

We need your help

The cost to charter the flight is $202,000CAD. That’s not as unachievable as it sounds, the 200 dogs have adoption fees in Canada of $500 each, which covers half of the cost. We need to raise the other half in donations and a silent auction.

How to donate

Visit the GoFundMe Campaign. Please share and please donate. Absolutely no donation is too small, and it goes a very long way!

gofundme Ruffugee Project Barbados

The Silent Auction

To raise the much needed funds for this project, we plan to host a silent auction. Do you have an item, product or service you’d be willing to donate? It can be anything that can be offered worldwide. Please contact us:
Tel/Whatsapp: 1(246) 2624505

More about EOPR

Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue are teaming up with local dog rescues to help get as many Bajan Potcakes to their new lives in Canada as possible. They’ve partnered with Freedom Dog Rescue, and more organisations are to be announced soon.

Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue (EOPR)
Reg# 761874320RR0001

Freedom Dog Rescue
Reg# 83761323RR0001

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary
NFP Reg#44150

gofundme Ruffugee Project Barbados

Business and Group Sponsorship

It costs USD$600 to fly one dog. Sponsor their travel fare and guarantee their place on The Freedom Flight. Cause-related marketing is great for business. Through cross-promotions and worldwide media coverage, not only will your business benefit but you’ll also be supporting animal welfare – helping dogs in need.

Every Penny Counts!

Any amount, however small, moves us closer to getting 200 dogs out of Barbados and into secured, approved homes in Canada. Please share far and wide and as much as you can! We believe that with the power of all these amazing teams collaborating together, combined with YOUR support, we truly believe that we can make this happen!