• Date Adopted: May 27, 2021
More About Batman

Batman was here when we took over in Jan 2020.  When we first met him he was the most terrified dog you can imagine.  He was housed alone and hiding under a pallet, that was no more than 8 inches tall. When he came out from under it, he ran around in circles like a crazy thing.


However, never underestimate a dogs ability to rehabilitate.  In no time at all he was literally eating out of our hands.  We found him a dog friend and his ‘comfort’ pallet was removed.   The next step was to walk on a leash, which at first he was resistant to.  But, like everything else, he very quickly got the hang of it.  Now Batman is the best dog to take for a walk.  He doesn’t pull and loves a stroll along the cliff tops.  His progress is remarkable, and testament to the resilience and amazing nature of dogs, especially our wonderful island dogs.  Batman is now the leader of the pack and runs around the paddock like the king that he is.


Batman’s next lesson came in early March 2021, he was fostered!  He got to live in a home and learn about ‘real’ life.  He currently shares a sofa with one other lovely male dog and a human.  He is enjoying normal, everyday life and is ready to be adopted.  Well done Batman!


Batman’s days of hiding under pallets and being a scardey cat, are now in the distant past.
Foster Mom says he can stay! Well done Batsy Boy, you deserve it!