• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Buddy

**UPDATE – Buddy has been adopted! He travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and has found a new home where he is getting lots of tummy rubs thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.


Goldie was a young girl, living at a house where she was chained, abused and ignored. One day she escaped, she found a lovely chunky boy called Buddy who had a home, no chain and space to roam around so she started to live outside with him. Soon after came 6 puppies. Goldie and Buddie did their best to raise the pups, sadly two pups didn’t make it, 4 did. Around this time Goldie fell pregnant again, Buddy’s owner contacted Ocean Acres to let them know that she had given birth and her 3 day old puppies were at risk due to adverse weather conditions. Goldie and her babies were whisked away, leaving Buddy to look after his four remaining young dogs. Goldie and all of her second litter found new homes but their rescuers couldn’t help wondering what happened to Buddy and his 4 children. So they went back to find out.  Sadly one pup had been hit by a car and died, the other pups were ok, but there is as an urgent need to remove them from their outdoor home and get them on the path to a new life. They have all be neutered and vaccinated.  They took to their new collars and leads well.  We think Buddy, Fennel, Bay and Chilli realize that treats and regular dog food and preventative medication for parasites, mean they were being looked after and that humans aren’t all that bad!

Buddy uses his mesmerizing light eyes to get as many cuddles, tummy tickles and rubs as he can, he loves affection, he is sweet natured and gets on with dogs and cats alike. He’s taken well to wearing his new collar and learning how to walk on a lead. While being a little on the chunky side he is still a very small dog as he is quite low to the ground.   He would love to be part of a family and have a home of his own.

Buddy is approximately 15lbs