• Date Adopted: February 20, 2022
More About Buds

Bud is an active little dog – the Jack Russel in him is probably responsible for that!  He was abandoned by his owner and taken in by a kind soul who has done her best for him and the two other rescue dogs she has now asked us to take (Joseph and Toes).  All three dogs have lived in a home and slept alongside cats.  Unfortunately, times are hard and she can’t manage to care for them all.

Bud would fit into most homes, he would like some exercise but is also happy to relax with his buddies.  He enjoys the company of dogs, cats and people!

Bud is approximately 25lbs

The RUFFugee Freedom Flight – Sponsored by: M Jet FBO

Barbados Ruffugee Project

Bud is a Barbados Ruffugee being fostered in Canada and awaiting a forever home.