• Date Adopted: September 28, 2021
More About Cami

This is Cami; master of disguise and evasion.

For those who were following and enquiring on the Dane mix girls who at large in Moncrieff, we have successfully secured both girls.  These rescues took weeks of painstaking watching, feeding, waiting, hoping. But all so worth it.  Both big girls are safe from hiding and scrounging hopefully for the rest of their days. Thank you to our wonderful volunteer rescuers, Vicky and Jeanne for your dedication.

Both girls are gentle and loving and large.  They have been medicated for worms and fleas and ticks, and we are working on their nutritional needs.   Of course now; we need homes for them.  Somewhere with secure fencing and a place for them to roam.  They will not require extensive exercise, only alot of love and affection.  Grooming is minimal, just a bath once in a while.  Please foster or adopt Cami, she will give you unconditional love!


Cami, dear soul, to wander no more. She is adopted!! Thank heavens and good luck Cami.