The Canadian Dog Adoption Program

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Canadian Dog Adoption Program, Ocean Acres

Understanding The Ocean Acres Canadian Dog Adoption Program

We have been sending dogs to Canada since Nov 2020, working exclusively with a select group of partners who have proven themselves over time.

There is a huge financial commitment and cost, undertaken by the receiving rescues in Canada when they agree to support Ocean Acres and take on our dogs in foster homes. 

They cover the costs of all the dogs for the duration of the time they are in foster care.

They are in foster care for a minimum of 4 weeks to get over the flight.  It can take months to find the right home for a dog – depending on the dog.  Some of our dogs leave us with known issues, maybe they are very shy for instance.  That kind of rehabilitation takes a long time.  All that time – however long it takes, the dogs are completely supported, and their every need is attended to – whether dietary, veterinary, training or equipment (crates, beds, leashes, harnesses etc).

Let’s Remember: This is all for dogs that have no chance of finding a home in their own country, let alone a home that could offer specialist rehabilitation and training or specialist surgery (as many have received).

It’s hard to say what would be a standard cost.  Some of our dogs have cost thousands of Canadian dollars in surgery, often procedures that couldn’t have been done here.  A rough guide would be anywhere between $500-$3000+per dog, depending on what veterinary issues arise.

Even though our dogs are vetted before they leave Barbados, they sometimes have issues which could not be diagnosed but reveal themselves because of the stress of the journey and settling into a new environment.  All these things are dealt with, without question by our receiving rescues.  As an example, there have been several expensive vet bills relating to damage to the dogs from the ash fall last year.  We do the minimum vetting to enable the dogs to travel.  Our friends in Canada pick up the tab for the other standard requirements once they arrive.  For example:

  • Physical Vet Exam – CAD$100
  • Heartworm / Tick-borne illness test – CAD$65
  • Additional bloodwork (if required) – CAD$100
  • Faecal Test – CAD$60
  • Microchip – CAD$25
  • Spay or Neuter (if required) – CAD$100 – $300
  • Dental care – CAD$500 – $2000
  • Medication for tick borne illness (if required) – CAD$100

Also worth noting is that the Canadian rescue organisations provide all the crates for travel and associated equipment – this would cost thousands of dollars if we had to purchase it.

The dogs that find their way to our Canadian partners get the very best of care with no expenses spared.

Ocean Acres is truly grateful for the dedication and support we have found for our island dogs.  I know that many lives have been changed for the better.  These dogs carry with them our hearts and devotion.  We love each and every one of them.  Our work is not easy.  Great change takes huge effort and a lot of teamwork.  But we have made a difference and we will continue to do our best for them all.