• Date of Birth:
  • November 2013 (approx.)
  • Date of Passing:
  • 28th Dec, 2020
More About Clover

We are sad to report that our beloved Clover has crossed the rainbow bridge. After months of fighting to get her better, she started to go downhill and couldn’t fight any more. As with most rescues, we have no real idea of an animals history or any underlying health conditions.

Clover lived out her days being spoiled rotten by staff and volunteers alike. She was loved.


When Clover arrived, we weren’t quite sure what she was. She had no fur! It took months of medicated baths and a grain free diet to get her to the fluffy girl she is today.

If you work from home and need a dog to sleep at your feet all day, Clover is your girl. If you need to go for walks on a regular basis in an effort to get fit, Clover is your girl. If you need someone to sit next to you on the couch while you watch tv all day, Clover is your girl. If you need a dog that is good with kids and adults alike, Clover is your girl.

Clover does still require a special diet. It seems grains are not her friend. Aside from that, she is a very happy, calm dog.