• Date Adopted: January 9, 2022
More About Davy

Davy started his life under an outbuilding at St David’s church.  His mum must have thought that was a safe place to give birth.  There were more puppies but we don’t know what happened to them.  A volunteer saw his mum, Daisy, scavenging and took her food.  At that point Daisy was too scared to come close and growled if anyone went near.  It took two weeks of monitoring and taking food and water, to get Daisy to the point where she could be caught, by which time, only one pup remained – Davy.  As an only pup Davy thrived; he was very chubby!  His mum Daisy had a wonderful temperament, loving and kind – she was a great mum and was one of our ‘Ruffugees’ that found her way on to the first charter flight to Canada.

Davy has grown into a lovely young boy.  He’s a happy soul and loves to socialize and play with staff and volunteers.  He gets along well with other dogs.  he would suit many types of homes and is very adoptable.

Davy is approximately 30 lbs.