• Age (approx)
  • 4 Years
  • Size
  • Medium
  • Sex
  • Male
  • Breed
  • Mixed
  • Good With Children
  • Yes
  • Good With Dogs
  • Yes
  • Good With Cats
  • No
  • Neutered
  • Yes
More About Dookie

In December 2022 someone called us to say they had seen a very skinny dog begging for food, they sent us a video and it was heart melting, that poor boy.  Of course we went to get him.  At that same time, we got some extremely upsetting news that a long time friend of Ocean Acres, who adopted a puppy from our very first litter, had died, suddenly and unexpectedly.  In memory of our friend, we called this dog ‘Dookie’.

Dookie has thrived at Ocean Acres,  He quickly gained weight, he likes his food!  He has become something of a celebrity and has been to quite a few events with us.  Most recently in early March 2023 he went to a memorial event in remembrance of his namesake.  He is very well behaved while he’s out and about.  When going for walks he does pull a bit a first when he’s excited, but soon settles down.  We feel sure this could be easily improved with training.  He does jump up, so again some training would help and very young children would need to be supervised around him, just because of his excitement and enthusiasm.  He is quite playful and loves people.  He gets along well with other dogs.  He wants to chase cats, so we are assuming he would not be suited to sharing his home with them.  He’s an active dog and would love walks and would be fine in a home with lots of exercise, running, hiking etc.  We’re also pretty sure that Dookie would soon master the art of falling asleep on a comfy bed!

Dookie is approximately 36lbs