• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Fred

**UPDATE – Fred has been adopted! He travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and has found a new home thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.

Fred was found as a stray by a kind family who took him in him along with his siblings until he can find his forever home. There were actually 4 pups.  They all contracted parvo as puppies and sadly one died.  Fred, Wilma and Bear are the survivors. We covered the cost of their vet bills because the family couldn’t afford.  After trying their best, the family conceded that it was best to surrender the pups to us.

These guys are full of of fun and energy!

Once calmed down from his excitement, Fred is gentle and friendly and loves human company. He is good with other dogs, having grown up with his siblings and an older female dog. He is also relaxed around cats who he has also been around all his life.  Fred has been an outside dog and is used to using the toilet outside, so would need help with toilet training.  He is fine with children, although still has a lot of puppy energy and exuberance, so usual care around small children to avoid them being knocked over is required.  He is a responsive dog and although he hasn’t had much training at all, he quickly learned how to sit when asked – he is very food motivated!  Fred is great at travelling in the car where he is always curious, wanting to explore and look out the window.

Fred is approximately 34lbs