• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Frodo

**UPDATE – Frodo has been adopted! He travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and has found a new home thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.

Little Frodo was found one evening wandering with his buddy Bilbo

We are not sure if Bilbo is Frodo’s dad or his friend.  They were clearly bonded when found and are similar in type.

Frodo is as a happy a little guy as you could find.  Always smiling and ready to play.  He gets along great with other dogs and we think he would be able to be introduced to cats, although he hasn’t had much interaction while with us.  He’s an all round happy little chap.  He’s an energetic boy, loves to run and play, and loves cuddles too.  He would thrive in a family home, and children would love him – obviously usual rules with regard to children’s behavior apply.

At time of writing (23 Aug 2023) Frodo is approximately 23lbs.  He may grow a bit more but will remain a smallish dog.