• Date Adopted: April 1, 2021
More About Ginge

Ginge was found by some kind souls running the beach in Holetown. They asked people all over if she had a home, but no one knew for sure. It was assumed she had owners because she was “wearing a collar”. On closer look, it was not a collar she wore but a sore that went right around her neck. Some meds and creams cleared up the horrible injury to her neck and yummy meals healed her hungry tummy. Ginge likes to think she’s all that at first but will calm down. She loves her friend and roommate Taz and is learning gate training. She would be an excellent family dog with children to play with her. She has a lot of energy and loves to chase a ball. Due to her neck injury, she was not walked right away and therefore is still learning to be a good girl on a leash. We don’t know what her story is, or if she ever had a family before but we do know she’s ready and wants one now.


Ginge, has been adopted and now lives in Canada – she left before the RUFFUGEE flight and it looks like she’s adapted ok?!? She is enjoying the water and sunny blue sky with her new family. Lucky girl our Ginge.