• Date of Birth:
  • July 2017 (approx.)
  • Date of Passing:
  • 14th Sep, 2023
More About Gypsy


Gypsy was surrendered from a home along with Gage in May 2023.  The owners are elderly and have to move home, they can longer look after Gage and Gypsy.

Gypsy was rescued by the lady a few years ago; poor Gypsy had been badly beaten and her owner at the time couldn’t care for her or deal with her wounds or disfigurement. The wounds healed but her lips were destroyed and her teeth are exposed.  Her tongue sometimes hangs out.  Often people find this upsetting, but this lovely lady took her in and cared for her for some years. Sadly now, the lady needs some care herself.  Once again Gypsy is in need.

Once you get over the initial surprise of how Gypsy looks, you can see her for the adorable and loving girl that she is.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Gypsy – such a special girl.