• Date Adopted: February 20, 2022
More About Happy

Happy is well named!  A very happy, young dog who is always smiling.  He gets along well with other dogs and loves to run and play in the paddocks.  Happy walks nicely on a leash and is a straightforward boy that would easily adapt to home life and some extra comforts!

Happy is approximately 28 lbs.

He was one of 5 dogs that we took from a dwelling at Oistins (the others are Nell, Marco, Tim, Bryony).  Their living conditions were far from ideal and the dogs were left loose to roam the streets.  Happy was just a young pup, about 9 weeks old.  He had never experienced any harsh cruelty, just neglect.

We have cared for him and he now knows about love and affection.  He is vaccinated and on our standard flea/tick/worm program.

Happy is more than ready to become part of a family.

The RUFFugee Freedom Flight – Sponsored by: M Jet FBO

Barbados Ruffugee Project

Happy is a Barbados Ruffugee being fostered in Canada and awaiting a forever home.