• Date Adopted: January 9, 2022
More About Harri

Harry is one of three siblings (Harry and Archie) that were dumped outside someone’s door in a cardboard box.  We weren’t alerted to this until they had been there for quite a few hours, which was not ideal for them.  They took some tracking down and it was late at night when our volunteers finally got their hands on them.  They were absolutely infested with fleas.  It took 3 hours to clean them up.  But we never give up and they were worked on into the wee small hours.

The pups very quickly improved once medicated and now are large, strapping pups, unrecognizable as those tiny neglected babies.

Harry interacts well with people and other dogs, although he can be a bit bossy sometimes with dogs, especially around food time.  He walks well on a leash and loves to be outdoors running and playing.  Harry would fit in well to most families and homes.

Harry is approximately 30lbs