• Date Adopted: May 26, 2024
More About Heather

Heather came from a very bad home where she was kept tied for years with no proper shelter or home.  She was barely fed and never shown any affection, which is heartbreaking because she is such a loving girl.  She quiet, submissive and a little shy at times, but not with her ‘family at home’.   She seems to prefer to eat when no one is watching.

Not long after Heather came to us she had an unfortunate accident and had a dislocation of her ankle, she has been wearing a cast and just had it removed today (16 May 2024).  Heather loves being at home and having cuddles and being around her foster family in the garden and will happily entertain people at home. But out of her comfort zone she is a bit shaky and nervous. She has a fear of cars and runs to the side of the road when she hears one coming and will stop for almost all of them and watch them pass. Her foster family is working on that and she is getting more confident, keeping on walking when cars come in the other direction. She is fine with noisy, barking dogs on the walk, she just ignores them, but outside of the home she is scared to go to people.  Heather is getting better at car rides and is much less fidgety and shaky. Around the house she is an absolute treasure and everybody loves her! Heather is potty trained.  She is also happy to sleep 23 hours a day! Heather would be a perfect companion for someone who would like a low energy dog in their home, she loves her humans and would thrive in a home as the only dog.  She doesn’t mind other dogs, but is not bothered about playing with them.  She adores her people!  We so want to find her a forever home where she can be settled.

To watch Heathers ‘Rescue Story’ on Instagram, click here: Heather’s Rescue Day

Heather is approximately 18lbs