• Date Adopted: April 13, 2023
More About JillyLynn

JillyLynn was spotted roaming on some pasture with a large litter of pups in tow.  Kind people gave her some food and water and contacted us for help.  As is so often the case, we suspect that once it was discovered that she was pregnant, poor JillyLynn was dumped to deal with her predicament alone.

We went to find her, and what an adventure that was.  JillyLynn happily surrendered herself but not so much the cheeky puppies who hid and ran away.  We were determined not to leave any behind and had to struggle through bushes and brambles to find every last one.  There were 9 in all.

JillyLynn made a great job of looing after her puppies, but as soon as they didn’t need her any more, she was whisked away to a wonderful new life in Canada.