• Date Adopted: April 16, 2024
More About Lacy

Meet lovely Lacy, her petite, lithe frame, big ears and ever smiling face will instantly grab your heart. Her story is a common one here sadly; she was chained up in a backyard with no human contact, covered in ticks and allowed to get pregnant by roaming dogs. Her owner surrendered her to Ocean Acres Feb 21 2023, the day she was at the vet to be spayed, and she has been in a foster home since. She lives with other dogs and gets along great and also lives with outdoor cats that she tends to take a wide berth around rather than risk their wrath. To date she has not had any bathroom accidents in the house, always taking herself outside to the yard to potty. Her joy in playing shines through as soon as a ball or toy is produced and she will spend as much time as you will spare chasing the ball and bringing it back to you to do it again. She’s fast and chases her big brother around the yard until they both get tired. To see her life transformed and her adaptation so quick, is truly remarkable and speaks to her true loving nature. Initially she was not used to cuddles and flinches when your hand was above her, so her foster mom is working on that past trauma which is much improved. She has not shown signs of any behavior other than a desire to be with a human and loved. She is now an avid swimmer!

Lacy is approximately 20lbs

Lacy is now a Canadian!