• Date Adopted: January 28, 2022
More About Leo

Leo is a cute little mister!  Our little man was found outside someone’s house, he had turned up one day, and as they continued to see him realized he didn’t seem to belong to anyone and was clearly hungry to they started feeding him and keeping an eye out for him.  Eventually when it was clear no one was looking for him, they called us to take him to a better life at Ocean Acres.  At first sight it was apparent he had a damaged back leg.  Upon receiving his vet inspection they advised that it had been broken at some point and it had set and healed at a bad angle. He could conceivably have surgery on it to improve it, but the vet feels that should be done overseas where they would have access to more refined procedures.  He’s an adorable little guy, full of life, confident, friendly, although a tad attention seeking in that he likes to be first in line for cuddles, but not aggressive in any way.  He’s a smiley happy boy gets along well with people and other dogs and walks on a lead. He’s the whole package!

Leo is approximately 15-20 lbs.


It’s across the pond for our Leo.  Happy forever after sweetness!