• Date Adopted: March 10, 2024
More About Livity

Livity came from Animal Control (the pound), we don’t know her history, but we’re glad we pulled her out of there and gave her a chance of a new life.  She is an easy dog and has not given us any trouble at all.  She gets along with other dogs and children; she loves people.  She is excited by cats and when she first met them she wanted to chase them.  She seems to have become a bit more used to them now and could perhaps be introduced to the right dog savvy cat, but we can’t be sure.  She can certainly go for a walk, on leash, in the cat area now without any drama.  She is a medium energy girl and would enjoy a home with another dog as a companion, but could live as an only dog if her humans were around a lot.  She can easily be introduced to other dogs on walks and for play dates.

Livity is approximately 17lbs. Livity has found a new life in Canada.