• Date Adopted: October 1, 2023
More About Lulah

**UPDATE – Lulah has been adopted! She has found a forever home here in Barbados! We are so thrilled she has a home and family to call her very own.

Lulah turned up at someone’s home wearing a thick, tight collar and long chain in June 2023.  The person asked locally if anyone had lost a dog, but the owner could not be found.

We collected her and she went straight to a foster home.  She was a dream foster behaving really well.  She lived inside the house as an only pet, and was quickly housetrained.  Her foster mum was an inexperienced foster parent, but Lulah was very cooperative!  They got along famously.  Lulah was happy to spend time in her crate, her safe space.  She loves going for walks and is extremely trainable; she really listens to you. While she was fostered the foster mum had a few visits from a dog trainer, who loved Lulah, and they learned some basic commands.  Sadly Lulah’s foster mum had to travel overseas and Lulah is now with us at Ocean Acres.
With regard to her interactions with other dogs, Lulah is a happy, confident and strong character, and very playful.  The dogs we have introduced her to are intimidated by this.  In our shelter environment we don’t have the opportunity to monitor the dogs under supervision for long enough to find her a partner we can feel safe about. With the right introduction and the right dog, and some training, we think Lulah could find a friend.  Her introductions are rambunctious, and too full on for most dogs at the moment, not in an aggressive way, but overly enthusiastic and not respectful enough. Lulah would not be a candidate for dog parks – not now anyway. However, she can walk past barking dogs without over reacting, and, if distracted, will respond to verbal commands to return her attention to her human.  She’s a very smart girl!

Lulah would be best, and most easily managed, as a single pet dog, children are fine, obviously younger children need supervision and all children need to be respectful of all dogs.  She has never shown herself to be snappy or intolerant of people in any way.  She loves her toys but doesn’t mind handing them over!

Lulah seems uninterested in our cats and probably would learn to live with a cat as part of her family.

Lulah is approximately 39lbs