• Date Adopted: July 30, 2021
More About Margo

One evening an Ocean Acres volunteer was driving home and spotted a young puppy alone by the side of the road.  She followed the puppy and finally tracked it down to a home, where there were two more puppies and a mother dog – all emaciated and starving.  We were called to assist and managed to convince the owner to surrender them all to us.  Olive and her babies Bobby Shamou and Margo were very relieved although they were all quite shy at first.  They had never been shown any kindness or affection.  They quickly learned about love and they quickly learned about food!  They put on condition and became much more confident.

Margo was the only girl among the sibligs and very soon won the heart of her adopter.  Well done Margot, you deserve a wonderful life.

I’ve included some pictures in the gallery of the day we found them and their early days with us.