• Date of Birth:
  • November 2011 (approx.)
  • Date of Passing:
  • 20th Jan, 2021
More About Max

Max sadly passed away on January 20th.  His life long ear infections caused more damage than we thought and although we tried everything we could to make him better, nothing worked. The damage was already done. We are heartbroken at the loss but Max is no longer suffering.


Max came to us after his owner surrendered him. He had suffered from constant ear infections and they were tired of listening to him suffer. We have since treated his ears, though there is lasting damage and he is very sensitive to his ears being touched. He has no complaints about any dog he has lived or played with. Don’t let his age fool you though – he still acts very much like a puppy! His long white coat means he needs grooming.  Max is desperate for a home and family to call his own now that he is all better.