• Date Adopted: December 18, 2021
More About Michelangelo

This is Orphan baby Michelangelo. His mama went missing, we were told she was poisoned.  The litter was brought in on the same day Mama Morgan arrived with her 3 babies.

The orphan puppies got cleaned up. They were an awful mess, with newspaper stuck to them, amongst other things. We cleaned them up and fed them. They were lively and seemed well, although filthy.  But they needed more sustenance, so we thought we would try them with Mama Morgan and …. YES….Morgan took them on as though they were her own.  She is an absolute angel.

All the pups are well and will be looking for there fur-ever home as soon as they are old enough.  Please ADOPT, if you can’t adopt, please FOSTER, or DONATE!  SOOOO MANY PUPPIES!!!!


Off to his forever home, Michelangelo – Now known as Aeris – will have his first Christmas with a real family! What a lucky puppy!