• Date Adopted: October 12, 2021
More About Nox

Nox was born in the wild, and one day showed up on the doorstep of some visitors. They were vegan, and had nothing to feed him. They got in touch with one of our awesome volunteers, and then on to our neo-natal specialist.

Nyx (at the time) was so very tiny and skinny that discerning age and sex were a gamble. Telling his sex was difficult because being so thin made everything quite warped, so we thought he was a girl.  Since then, HE has put on weight and we now know HIM as Nox.

The vet said that by his weight, he was only four weeks old.  But developmentally, he was more like seven weeks old. He had all of his teeth, could walk and run competently and confidently, and could eat everything including kibble.

He is affectionate and sweet, no sense of danger and he has begun to gain that round kitten pot belly.  He’s still small but making gains daily.  He’s playful, peekaboo and catch being his favorite games.  Like many feral born kittens, he doesn’t like being held on his back or having his tummy scratched, but he does love a chin and head rub and a good cuddle. He’s a complete little purr machine and will soon be taking applications for his forever home.


There is no way Nox’s Foster mom is giving him up!  The trials and tribulations of this little fighter are too much for her to part with him.  Another foster fail and we are happy Nox will live with one of the best cat moms there is!!