• Date Adopted: November 22, 2022
More About Pino

Short for Pinocchio, lovingly named by our staff because of his lovely long nose. He, Pino was at the shelter when we took over in January 2020, we don’t know how long he’d been there.  We found a home for Pino and his buddy Bolt and Bolt’s sister (Zola) in Barbados later that year. Sadly we received a call in March 2022 from their owners who no longer wanted to keep so many dogs, and wanted to return Pino and Bolt to us – we welcomed them back with open arms.

The pictures say it all – Pino is a lovely and very happy boy and always has a smile on his face. You can’t help but smile when you see him. He is so loving and kind. He’s thrilled to be at Ocean Acres and gets along well with other dogs as well as people. He’s very enthusiastic and energetic. He can definitely jump out of fenced areas if left to his own devices so supervision and caution in those situations would be required.  He walks well on a lead and loves to go for long walks. Really enjoys being outside running around in the paddock with his friend Bolt. Pino would love a home with someone who shares his love of exercise and going for walks. His enthusiasm can manifest in jumping up with excitement when he sees people, but he is keen to learn some manners. He gets along well with kids, but jumping up may be a problem (until he is trained) with young children.  We can say with certainty he is not a fan of cats, as one of the Ocean Acres cats learned when he gave them a good chase! He is tall and lean, approximately 40 lbs.