• Date Adopted: August 6, 2023
More About Quinn

Poor Quinn lived his life chained to a pile of concrete blocks with no shelter and no shade.  Thankfully, after much discussion we were able to convince his owners to surrender him to Ocean Acres in Nov 2022.  He’s a very happy boy and  gets along well with other dogs and kids.  He would be fine in a home with children.  He’s lively and likes to play, he’d enjoy walks and adventures and is a social kind of guy. He is happy to be groomed.  It’s important that Quinn stays on his nexgard each month, or he develops an allergy, he can be prone to fungal skin infections, but with basic care these are kept at bay.  He was adopted from Ocean Acres in January 2023, but unfortunately returned in July 2023, the person had moved house and didn’t have a suitable home for him – sadly he had not been given the required preventatives and was full of fleas.  This of course has been dealt with and Quinn is flea free!

good news!  Quinn has another chance and a lovely forever home.