• Date Adopted: August 14, 2023
More About Ray

Ray was rescued in the summer of 2021, with Felicity and Thea, they were living loose, possibly abandoned, as a little pack.  Someone was feeding them and eventually called us to come and help.  Ray was by far the hardest of the three to catch.  But catch him we did.  The only way was to (eventually) manage to get a slip lead over his head and round his neck.  However, he really didn’t like that and bucked and bronked in rebellion.  We had to hang on to him and finally were able to pick him up and get him in the car.
It took a while and some patience but Ray is now ok with going for walks with his harness on.
Ray is a happy dog and runs up to people with a big smile on his face; to begin with he was quite shy of strangers.  He very much enjoys the company of other dogs and has lived with many of them in his time at Ocean Acres.  You can see him in the photos with his friends, notably Felicity then Ethel and the latest is Geena.
We are delighted that Ray has a fairy tale ending.  He has been adopted by the same family that adopted Felicity, they are reunited!