Roses’ Stable Pup – JayJay

  • Date Adopted: October 28, 2021
More About Roses’ Stable Pup – JayJay

Meet JayJay of Rose’s Stable Pups; He and siblings Pope, John B,  Cleo, Kiara & Sarah were rescued from tini-weenie with their mom Rose.

Rose is an amazing mother and despite her being rather malnourished, on arrival, the pups are doing really well. She’s such a friendly, kind dog and the pups have been loved and socialized in a wonderful environment, a life of fun, caring and love.

The pups, have strived really well with proper care and love in her foster home! We’re so excited watching these beautiful babies growing, and they are ready to find their forever homes, they are taking application for new parents now.


JayJay is one of the first of his litter, with his sister Sarah, to fly off to Canada to get to experience the lives they deserve and have been waiting for far too long.  EOPR awaits the rest of the Stable pups, but happy forever after to you baby boy!

UPDATE: ADOPTED!! JayJay, now Rudy, is HOME with his new family! happy life boy!