• Date Adopted: October 8, 2023
More About Savanah

Savannah hasn’t had an easy life so far.  She was most likely born to a homeless mother, and has had to learn to survive.  She has never had a home and is was understandably timid when we first met her.  We rescued her from underneath a house, where she had taken refuge with her new born puppies.  Little did she know that the place she had made her nest was about to flood due to an oncoming storm.  She wasn’t easy to catch, but we managed.  She was scared and panicked for her babies.

Her babies are now independent of her.  Sadly they didn’t all survive, she had 10, but only 7 remain.  It’s time for Savannah to move on and start her life.  She is a strikingly dog, with beautiful eyes.


Savanah is happily adopted.