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More About Sharky

Meet Sharky.  He got his name because as a young puppy he used to ‘smile’  and show his pearly whites.  He doesn’t do that so much now.

Sharky was brought into the vet at the beginning of Oct 2021, his owner had paid someone to bring him to be euthanized.   He was so adorable, our vets just couldn’t do it and he has stayed with them ever since, waiting for us to have room to take him.  He’s a favorite with the staff and visitors of the vet and everyone makes a fuss of him.  As you might expect, he is getting the very best of medical care!

He has lots of energy, he walks on a leash, but really would like to run!

Sharkey was placed in a good home by the Vets that cared for him, he will have a very good life



Sharky is approximately 33 pounds