• Date Adopted: April 16, 2023
More About SkippyLou

***UPDATE – This beautiful girl has been adopted! Congratulations little one. We’re so happy you’ve found your home.***

This is our darling SkippyLou. The only thing she wants in the world is a loving forever home where she will have her very own humans to love and play with. She wandered into the garden of the woman who rescued her and is now fostering her on May 20th, 2022. The poor girl was so starved and had a broken leg. She had surgery and has healed well, thank goodness. She is at the point now where she is nearly so healed that she is using it most of the time, sometimes she limps oh so slightly or “skips’..hence the name! She’s delightful, social and playful. She’s very curious and so intelligent…she can recognize her own reflection and the reflection of humans in a mirror. She loves to play and run around to no end and is measured in her movements. She loves to chase lizards and birds, so we are going to venture a guess that she might not get on well with cats. We think she might do best as a single dog – introductions to other dogs should be made carefully – we are unsure of perhaps what her experiences were with other dogs before she was rescued. She was not terribly reactive with other dogs when she was at the vet, she just has not had much opportunity to socialize with other dogs due to her surgery and required isolation to recover. Her foster mom has emphasized how loving she is – she just desperately wants to be with humans, and LOVES cuddles. She finds it very soothing when she sits in her foster mom’s lap and gets cuddled against her chest. She becomes completely still and quiet, just in heaven to be receiving love. She will be such an amazing pet for any family – come meet her.