Stella’s Star Lynx

  • Date Adopted: November 6, 2021
More About Stella’s Star Lynx

Meet Lynx of Stella’s ‘Star’ family.  He is a male, and has a natural white collar around his neck.

We rescued momma Stella from a chain, barely fed and lonely, her 4 pups running a muck and getting lost.  Despite all that, Stella managed to take very good care of her pups.   The whole family went to a wonderful foster mom, but will be moving to #OceanAcres soon.  They are safe now and will be cared for the way they deserve.

The four beautiful little babies are so sweet, about 4 weeks old, obviously of mixed breed. They will be socialized in the right setting and will be nurtured into fine little sparkling stars.  They will get their vaccinations, worming and flea treatments and get nice little chubby tummies.

If you can commit to one of these little babies, they will all need homes. But please remember: #apuppyisforlife.


Lucky Lynx and little sis Alya are adopted and will have all the love and cuddles they can handle!  happy life to you both babies!