• Date Adopted: February 15, 2023
More About Suzanna

**Congratulations to our sweet and scraggly Suzanna – she’s been adopted and gone to Canada! So happy that she’s finally getting her happy ending**

She was abandoned in a house alone for days without food and water. Only by the help of a concerned volunteer was Suzanna found and given food and water. By this time, Suzanna was absolutely terrified and it took a bit for the volunteer to gain her trust. However, the volunteer got her and Suzanna was rescued! When she first came to Ocean Acres she was wary (as you can expect!) but within a week of one-on-one attention. Suzanna finally felt comfortable to open up!
This little girl who had been let down by humans, now loves attention and play! She is a little character that always brings a smile to people’s faces. How could you not love that sweet face of hers? Suzanna has met and interacted well with dogs of similar size to her; she can be a bit bossy with some so calm, monitored introductions are needed.  She is energetic and loves to run around but also likes to nap in the shade.