• Date Adopted: February 20, 2022
More About Tanya

Tanya came from a home where the female dogs becoming pregnant is the norm.  The owners had given away all of the other puppies and were left with Tanya, who they didn’t want. So in late December 2021, we collected her and she became an Ocean Acres pup.

Tanya’s birthplace was not awful, she had food and water, shelter and the company of other dogs, and her mother.  The people were not cruel to her; but they didn’t help her to socialize much, and at first she was a little bit timid.  She won’t stay that way for long.  She is confident around other dogs and is happy to be held and cuddled; even though we don’t think she’s had much of that before.

Tanya weights approximately 12lbs

The RUFFugee Freedom Flight – Sponsored by: M Jet FBO

Barbados Ruffugee Project

Tanya is a Barbados Ruffugee being fostered in Canada and awaiting a forever home.