• Date Adopted: February 20, 2022
More About Tommy

Late one night in November 2021, an Ocean Acres volunteer was driving down Enterprise Road in Atlantic Shores, when in the middle road stood a skeleton of a dog. He slowly made his way across, barely missing being hit by cars not willing to stop for him, and went to pick at a pile of trash. He appeared to be on his last legs and the volunteer just scooped him up and tossed him into the back seat of her car. He was weak but appreciative and never grumbled, just ate his food and fell asleep.

The next day he was taken to the vet and it was determined that with food and rest and he would recover.

He was named ‘Thomas Shelby’ aka Tommy and went to be in foster care; where he has slowly gained weight and has shown us his beautiful demeanor.

He’s a quiet guy who loves to come in for a lean against your legs and cuddle. He gives gentle kisses to you and really loves it when you kiss the top of his head and snuggle him close. He bears the signs of war wounds, with multiple scars on his body that make you wonder who or what mistreated him, but his gentle nature seems to defy anything that happened before his new life at Ocean Acres.

He loves to play with other dogs and shows it by wagging his tail and getting in close for attention. He has been living with a large female hound dog and the two are great friends. He’s just starting to show interest in balls and toys and with time will learn the art of playing. He’s learning leash skills and house manners. He is not house trained as he has clearly spent his life outside but would learn.

He cannot live with cats. He has made that clear.

He will make a great companion for someone and with his medium size would travel well anywhere you want to go. He has great car manners.
His weight when he arrived was 30 lbs, he should be closer to 45 once he achieves proper weight.

The RUFFugee Freedom Flight – Sponsored by: M Jet FBO

Barbados Ruffugee Project

Tommy is a Barbados Ruffugee being fostered in Canada and awaiting a forever home.

Breaking news: Tommy is adopted!! What a success story!!

“Just sent the adoption forms and paid the fee to adopt Tommy 🥰”