• Date Adopted: November 26, 2023
More About Tutsie

**UPDATE – Tutsie has been adopted! She travelled to Canada on our MJET Freedom Flight on November 26th and has found a new home thanks to the generosity of our amazing friends here at MJet Barbados and our wonderful rescue partners in Canada.

Tutsie is the sweetest little girl you could meet.  Always a smile for everyone, in spite of her unfortunate past. Tutsie was bought from Animal Control (The Pound).  Goodness only knows how she had ended up there, there is no good reason.  The people who bought took her home and then decided they didn’t want her and were taking back again. We found out about her and couldn’t let that happen so we stepped in.  Since mid September 2023, she is safe in a wonderful foster home.  Can we please find a forever home for this little girl so she can be loved and settled for the rest of her days.

She is an extremely affectionate girl.  Well behaved in the house and walks beautifully on a lead.  She gets on well with other dogs and such is her nature that we think she would be fine with cats.

Tutsie is approximately 13lbs