• Date Adopted: January 31, 2023
More About Vanessa

Vanessa is a darling girl.  She came to us in late November 2022 after someone had seen her roaming in a terrible state with infected wounds.  We managed to catch her and took her straight to the vet where she stayed for quite a while until the infection was cleared.  It turns out the wounds were bites, likely another dog had attacked her, it’s a tough life on the streets.  (She had young puppies but someone had taken them away – but we later tracked them down and managed to save those too.)

Fast forward to today and Vanessa is a happy healthy young girl.  She responds extremely well to training and is nicely food motivated.  She would make a wonderful friend and companion for any family.  She is gentle and patient with children and not bothered at all about cats. She is an absolute delight and deserves all the love in the world.


Vanessa is approximately 26lbs