• Date Adopted: March 29, 2023
More About Viva

**UPDATE – Viva has been adopted! This beautiful girl has her happy ending with a loving forever home**

This stunning girl is our Viva. She was very underweight about 55 lbs now, in good health. She’s a gorgeous dog. Our director Karen rescued her. It was an unusual rescue – she saw her when she driving along the highway, hard not to spot her she’s on the larger side, you can see she’s got some Great Dane in her. Karen stopped her car. Viva looked totally freaked out – and bolted like a deer. Karen thought “I guess I won’t be able to get her”. That was at 11 am. She was driving along the same highway later that same day at 4:30…and there she was again, lingering near the edge of the highway. She stopped her car again and went to her – Viva looked at Karen, but didn’t bolt. Karen walked up to her really quietly, not looking at her. She backed up, sat down in the ditch and let Karen catch her, but was a bit snappy and very scared. Karen believes she’d been dumped that day, and had almost no human contact previous to her interaction with Karen, or at least nothing good – probably kept in a box. She’s very skinny. She didn’t know what the heck was happening to her poor girl. Karen caught her, and they made their way over to her car, into a crate. She took a few days to settle down, a little bit scared and confused, but turned into a big puppy. We’d guess her age to be 18-24 months at rescue. She’s having the best time now discovering how lovely people are – but can still be startled. She has the cutest way of turning her head and giving you these hilarious quizzical looks. She is a beautiful dog, walking well on a leash now. Doesn’t seem interested in cats at all. Not tested with other dogs just yet, but she doesn’t get upset when she speaks to them through the doors, so believe she will get along fine with other dogs. She’s just a beautiful girl inside and out.