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The Freedom Flight Crisis Appeal

the freedom flight success

The Freedom Flight. Yesterday was an astounding success, a massive achievement, an historical life-changing moment for all involved, but most and more importantly for the dogs and cats of Barbados! – the biggest Freedom Fight in the history of the Caribbean. Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary are so very grateful to Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue (EOPR) for choosing to collaborate with our organisation.

29th May 2021

A day to mark in the diary, months of planning and hard work, with a dedicated and loyal group of volunteers, working endless hours day and night, 218 rescue dogs and 14 cats flew from Barbados to Canada to find their forever homes. This was not an easy task, the commitment and sentiment of everyone involved, everyone who made this happen is absolutely overwhelming – the teams, the volunteers, the donators, the fosterers, the sponsors, the adoptees and so many more…

Thank You

It was such an immense collaboration of so many wonderful, generous and kind people – Barbados and Canada, end-to-end. This post would be pages long if we thanked everyone individually, with so much appreciation we thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts! There simply isn’t enough words to express our gratitude.

Individual praise to our direct partner ‘Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue’ and Mark Maloney. Mark a valued supporter of Ocean Acres, he allowed us to use his private plane hanger on the day. The logistical planning this entailed would not have been possible without this space.

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Check back on our website for the full journey of The Barbados Ruffugee Project. More stories, pictures, videos and happy successful adoptions to follow soon!

Ocean Acres is so much more than just a dog and cat sanctuary. We’re tirelessly working on campaigns and objectives to improve and change the lives of animals in Barbados. We proactively promote spay and neuter and are striving for a new scheme to address the problem of overpopulation in mass volume. Please follow our progress, please donate, please support us. We need you, the dogs and cats of Barbados NEED YOU!

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Thank you to everyone who supported us. This was a brilliant victory but we still need help, we still need continued support in doing what we do. Please donate via our GoFundMe, or visit our donation page for alternative ways to donate.