• Date Adopted: February 20, 2022
More About Ziggie

Ziggie is a gorgeous boy with loads of personality.  He loves playing fetch. You throw the ball and say “go get it” and he goes, gets the ball and brings it back. You say “drop it” and he drops it. Sometimes he is cheeky and he drops the ball just far enough that you can’t reach it.  If you go try to get it he will pick the ball up really quick, and take a few steps away and drop it again, also just far enough that you can’t reach it. He will do that multiple times until you get the ball. It’s funny most of the time, but when it gets annoying, it’s helpful to have treats. Ziggie is highly motivated by treats like cheese, crackers, broccoli, peanut butter, pumpkin, banana, carrots, to name a few.

Ziggie loves sleeping on his back in crazy positions. He loves to cuddle.

The RUFFugee Freedom Flight – Sponsored by: M Jet FBO

Barbados Ruffugee Project

Ziggie is a Barbados Ruffugee being fostered in Canada and awaiting a forever home.