• Date Adopted: October 11, 2021
More About Asher

Asher is a beautiful boy, massive and he is friendly with people and other dogs. He’s 4 years old, and neutered.  He is very clever and has learned to open latches so a secure home would be necessary to keep this gentle giant safe.

This is s heartfelt appeal from Asher:
“Please will someone adopt me and care for me. I am very big, need a large area for exercise and a lot of food. I worry that I’m taking up the space that a lot of little dogs could have. If I come and live with you, Ocean Acres can save more dogs. They love me lots, and take me for walks, but when I see the starving ones that arrive I want to help. I am fit and healthy, and a great guard dog.  Oh, by the way, only nice people can come for me because they won’t let me go unless you are a perfect dog owner. They are very fussy.  I’m neutered, I get along with other dogs, I am quite lively. I probably shouldn’t be trusted with cats but I’ve never had one of my own. I think I’m about 4 years old. I’ve been passed around quite a lot in my life, through no fault of my own cuz I’m pretty good! I’d very much like a forever home please.”
Asher’s appeal worked!  He has found his forever home and is leaving us to live and roam safe and free.  Happy forever after big boy!