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Dog Rehoming FAQ

Thank you for your interest in rehoming an Ocean Acres dog. Here’s the answers to frequently asked questions. If we’ve not covered a question you may have, please contact us for more info.

Are all the dogs for adoption displayed on your website?

We will endeavor to keep the website as frequently updated as possible but with so many dogs in-and-out on a daily-basis – not all are displayed. If there is a specific type you’re interested in, please contact us or you’re very welcome to visit us and meet them all.

How do I adopt a dog?

View our website or our social media platforms to choose a dog you like or contact us if you’ve any questions or to arrange a visit. You’ll be interviewed as to your suitability in adopting the dog. Should you meet the adoption guidelines, we’ll arrange a home-check to ensure your property is suitable.

What are your adoption guidelines?

That all dogs are adopted into a loving home where they’ll be cared for to the highest standards: fed, watered, adequate shelter from the rain and sun, kept healthy through regular worm, tick and flea treatments and taken to the vet if they fall ill – and above all they must be truly loved and given lots of attention and suitable exercise. We do not condone or allow dogs to be tied or penned. Your property must be fully enclosed, escape-proof, safe and secure and they’ll not be allowed to roam free. With so many unwanted dogs in Barbados we have a strict no breeding policy and we ensure that all Ocean Acres dogs are spayed or neutered before they leave the sanctuary, if you’re adopting a puppy, you agree to having them sterilized when they become of age. On adopting a dog, you’ll be required to sign a contract agreeing to the adoption terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

There is a minimum donation of us$100. This is to help us continue caring for more dogs in need.

I have another dog/dogs – will they get along?

At interview stage we’ll discuss if your chosen dog for adoption is compatible with your dog/dogs at home. On a possible match, we’ll meet your dogs during the home-check. Before agreeing to the adoption, we ensure the dogs are introduced first using professional dog training methods – depending on the circumstances, the introduction might at the sanctuary or at your residence.


By adopting a dog, you agree to keep us updated with their progress and allow us to visit them from time-to-time. This is to ensure you and your dog are happy. Ocean Acres reserves the right to reclaim the dog if we believe they are not being kept to the love and care standards they require.

What if I can’t afford to look after my dog anymore?

If your dog gets sick or you can’t afford to maintain them, please contact us immediately. You’re not to leave them to suffer. We’ll discuss possible solutions in helping you financially.

What if I don’t want or can’t keep the dog anymore?

You are to contact us immediately and we will collect them. Under no circumstances are you to abandon the dog or give them to anyone else without prior notification and agreement with Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary.

Adoption Form & Helpful Info.

For helpful information on preparing for the arrival of your pet and to view the Adoption Form and full T&C’s, please click and download below.

More Questions?

Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. We’re here to discuss all your queries and always available to offer help and advice.