Our Resident Cats

About Us

When Ocean Acres took over the sanctuary from the previous charity we inherited their rescue cats, they’ve lived on the property for several years and now remain in our care as our permanent resident cats.

Ocean Acres has embraced these cats and today they are a welcome sight to staff and visitors when they roam the beautiful grounds.

With 120+ cats, the staff and volunteers have their hands full and a lot of love and care goes into their upkeep. Each morning our cats are fed and we clean out their litter trays. After breakfast the cats enjoy a stroll around the large cattery and it is around this time that they like to walk around the grounds. However, by early afternoon our cats are to be found taking a cat nap. Evening is when they have their goats’ milk and an evening snack and another stroll around.

Along with our long-term resident cats, we do from time to time take in kittens and we always try to find forever homes for these precious little ones.

Kitten Nursery and Cat Boarding

We are excited to be planning the creation of our kitten nursery as this facility will allow us to be able to take in more kittens, that we can then place up for adoption. We also plan to board cats and already our plans have been designed. Both of these initiatives require funding and this will arise out of some fundraising activities that we have planned for the future – so watch this space!

Ocean Acres aims to become an eco-certified sanctuary and as such, one of the things we’re excited about is our Cat Café. Here, visitors will be able to relax and enjoy a delicious healthy meal and drink, all in the company of our Ocean Acres cats.

Volunteer and Donate

Volunteers are always invited to help out and the cats love it. The cattery is large and beautiful so to come and spend time with the cats is a wonderfully uplifting experience.

With so many cats, donations of food are always needed along with eco-friendly cat toys, cat food bowls and trays. Plus, the cats love catnip so anyone who brings them that is their friend forever.

If you haven’t visited the cats at Ocean Acres yet, come meet them. It will be a purrfect day out for you and the family.